Tips for Creating a Winning BNNB Partnership Application

Becky Nelson New Beginnings Partnership Application

An important part of the Becky Nelson New Beginnings program model is the application process. Your application is the first impression you will make with the BNNB board members, and you want it to be as clear and compelling as possible. Create a winning BNNB Partnership application by following these tips:

  • Read the candidacy guidelines. This should be your starting point, as your application should be evidence of your compatibility with the BNNB program. Are you a good fit for BNNB Partnership, and is your loan request in line with the BNNB mission? You’ll be able to find out what BNNB is looking for in an applicant by reading the candidacy guidelines.
  • Fill out the application completely. Don’t leave any blanks. When you skip questions on an application, it undermines your on-paper reputation for your readers, leaving them to wonder: Did you miss the question altogether, forget to answer it, or not have an answer? Instead, if a particular question doesn’t apply to you or your circumstances, indicate that it is not applicable (N/A).
  • Outline a clear goal. The BNNB program was created specifically for people who have clear ideas of what they want to accomplish in both the immediate and distant future. On your Partnership application, you will need to prove that you’ve put some serious thought into the goal you will be putting your zero interest loan towards. Not only do you need to know what it is you are reaching for, but you will also need to illustrate that you’ve identified some of the steps it will take for you to get you there. Don’t worry—you don’t have to have it all figured out just yet. The BNNB board members just want to know that you have a sense of direction, and that you will make the best use of your loan.
  • Choose your references carefully. On your application, you must provide three references. These may be either professional, academic, or character references, but no relatives. Your references are an important part of your application, and you should choose only high quality references that are easy to verify. Contact your references before you list them to inform them that they should be expecting a call in regards to your BNNB Partnership application, and be sure to list complete and accurate contact information (telephone numbers, best times to call, etc.). Unfortunately, a reference who can’t be reached is a reference that doesn’t count, so your references list is one area in which you cannot afford to skimp on your application.
  • Work out your budget. As part of the application process, you will need to figure out exactly how much money to request through a zero interest loan, as well as how much money you can afford to pay back each month, and on what terms. Take some time to work out your budget so that you can be very clear on your application about your repayment plan. Read this post on budgeting for some helpful tips.
  • Be yourself. The BNNB board members do not expect you to be perfect. Really, the aim of the BNNB program is to empower people who have overcome adversity. Learned some lessons the hard way? Made some mistakes that you had to work to rise above? That’s fine. Everyone has. The important thing is that you tell your story, and share what you’ve learned from it.

Applying for a zero interest loan through the BNNB program does not have to be an intimidating prospect. Just do your research, put some thought into what you really want to accomplish, and then make it a point to express yourself clearly and accurately.

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