Frequently Asked Questions

What does BNNB lend money for?

BNNB zero interest loans must be applied toward one-time expenses. Examples include moving expenses and deposits, college tuition, work-related training, small business startup costs, equipment for expanding a business, school or office supplies, and technology for school or business use. However, the BNNB board is open to lending zero interest loans for purposes not listed here, as long as an appropriate candidate (see candidacy guidelines here) can prove that the loan purpose is suited to the program mission (i.e. funding a new beginning for increased self-sufficiency).

What won’t BNNB lend money for?

BNNB will not lend money for monthly expenses, automobiles, or debt repayment. If you are unsure of whether or not your need might qualify for a BNNB loan, contact us.

How are BNNB zero interest loans disbursed?

Loan Recipients do not receive BNNB funds. Instead, loan money is disbursed directly to the establishment(s) providing the good or service detailed in the Loan Recipient Application and contract.

What is Pay it Forward?

The BNNB mission philosophy is that of paying it forward. “Pay it forward” is a concept that embodies the practice making use of what’s given to you and then passing it on to someone else in need. Candidates who repay their loans are not giving money back to BNNB. They are actually investing that money into the forward advancement of a new Partner.

Is there a minimum or maximum loan amount?

There is currently no minimum or maximum limit for BNNB zero interest loan amounts. Each application is considered on an individual basis, and requested loan amounts are analyzed for viability based on a number of factors, as deemed appropriate by BNNB board members.