Budgeting Tips and FREE Interactive Budget Template

Here at Becky Nelson New Beginnings, we support and encourage fiscal responsibility and self-sustainability.  One way you can take control of your finances is to create and maintain a monthly household budget.  Additionally, if you plan on applying for a BNNB zero interest loan and program partnership, then you will need to complete a detailed budget and present it to the board members as part of the application/interview process.

What is a budget?

A budget is an estimate of expenditures and income over a set period of time.

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Why is budgeting important?

Budgets are not just for businesses or people with a lot of money.  Budgets benefit everyone.  Knowing how much money you have and anticipate spending can eliminate stress and the guessing game many go through when making purchases.  A budget can help you take control of you financial situation.  It can be easier to see where you can cut back and save money, get ahead on credit card or loan payments, or any other number of things.

How do I create a budget?

Creating a budget can be intimidating but there is nothing to worry about.  All you have to do is draw up a list of your expenditures (what you spend) and your income (any money you make) and compare.  To make this easier for you, we have created a sample budget outline for you to download and use.

Download Your FREE Interactive Budget Template!
BNNB Interactive Budget



How can BNNB help me achieve my goals?

At Becky Nelson New Beginnings, we want to help people overcome obstacles to success. We help our partners through zero-interest loans and mentoring in order to help them achieve their goals. On our Frequently Asked Questions page, we tackle some of the detailed questions about how BNNB can help you financially achieve your goals. To see a few examples of how we have helped others, check out our Success Stories.



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