Benefits of BNNB Mentorship

BNNB Mentoring

One of the best parts of the BNNB program is the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with one or more mentors. A mentor can be an invaluable contributing factor to your success, and in a number of ways. Here are some of the benefits of BNNB mentorship:

  • Connections. BNNB mentors are established professionals who have years of experience and networking behind them. Whatever your endeavor—from continuing education to starting up a new business—your BNNB mentor will be able to connect you with other people in your community and/or industry who can help you branch out even further.
  • Opportunity. Your BNNB mentor will make it a point to present new opportunities for expansion to you, whenever applicable. For example, the BNNB board often turns to BNNB Partners and Advocates for business services (accounting, grant writing, etc.). This not only enables you to gain experiences in your chosen endeavor, but it also opens doors for you that might not have been available if not for the backing of your BNNB mentor.
  • Support. If you are a BNNB Partner, then it goes without saying that you are embarking on a new journey in life. It is only natural that you should want to feel a strong support network backing you up. Your BNNB mentor will be one of your biggest cheerleaders throughout your climb to increased self sufficiency.
  • Confidence. The experience of pursuing a new endeavor—a new beginning—can be scary. Not only is it difficult to navigate through something when you’re new to it, but it’s also just plain difficult to feel like a newbie. The good news is that you’re not alone: Everyone who dares to push past a comfort zone experiences a case of shaky confidence, especially in the beginning (if they’re doing it right, that is). When you’re feeling anxious or doubtful of your capabilities, your mentor can help build you back up so you can move past the uncertainty.

BNNB mentorship is integral to your success as a BNNB Partner. Be sure to take full advantage of this invaluable resource, and you will have a relationship that can strengthen you throughout your BNNB Partnership and onward.

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