Are You a Candidate?

Not everyone is a good candidate for a BNNB zero interest loan. Through the application process, candidates are screened for qualities that are indicative of their likelihood of success in the BNNB program. BNNB board members are selective in this way for a number of reasons:

  • BNNB aims to make a real, measurable difference in the community, and positive change is reliant on a “pay-it-forward”participation.
  • Loan Recipients require an investment of time, energy, and money on the part of BNNB.
  • Loan repayments sustain the BNNB program, enabling new Candidates to get the monetary help they need for reaching their own new beginnings.

In light of these goals, the ideal BNNB program candidate is easily identifiable. BNNB looks for the following traits in potential BNNB Partners:

  • Experience overcoming adversity in some form or another.
  • Well-defined plan for moving forward, including clear and obtainable goals for the future (candidates should be able to communicate these on the application and during the interview).
  • Realistic and positive self-expectations.
  • Understanding of budgeting and fiscal responsibility.
  • Practical means of making payments on a BNNB zero interest loan.
  • Provable (generally through Partner screening), recent track record of following through with commitments.
  • Willingness to cultivate relationships with mentors and make us of other helpful BNNB resources.
  • Enthusiasm for the process of “Paying it Forward” and, eventually, advocacy (visit the BNNB Mission page to learn more about these roles).

The following are circumstances that are likely to bar a candidate from partnership:

  • Request for loan money to cover outstanding debt.
  • Inability to pay ongoing monthly expenses.
  • Lack of thought or planning in regards to goals.
  • Fiscal irresponsibility.